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Get your delicious all natural 100% purebred grass fed Black Angus beef delivered anywhere to your door.

These options offer a variety of cuts to mix and match from. Create one or multiple gift package options by clicking on 'add to order' to view quantity of cuts in each package, and customize your order.

Whether you want to wine, dine, and entertain your guests, or have a laid back day of cooking, our specialty packs provide the perfect opportunity to make your meal an enjoyable one. You can even impress each of your four-legged friends with a bone from our Pet Lovers Pack!

Pet Lovers Pack

This package includes 2 Dog Bones, 2 New York steaks, and 3 pounds of ground beef.

Weight: 13.17 lbs

Roast Lovers

This package includes 1 Tri Tip Roast and 2 Cross Rib Roasts.

Weight: 3.02 lbs

Steak Lovers

This package includes 2 New York steaks, 2 Rib Eye steaks, 2 Top Sirloin steaks, and 2 Tenderloin steaks.

Weight: 12.94 lbs