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Get your delicious all natural 100% purebred grass fed Black Angus beef delivered anywhere to your door.

These options offer a variety of cuts to mix and match from. Create one or multiple gift package options by clicking on 'add to order' to view quantity of cuts in each package, and customize your order.

Perhaps it is an afternoon BBQ or a day of spending time with family or friends watching a game at home on the TV. Maybe it's a tailgating event. Maybe you are in charge of planning a family reunion, birthday party, or a Happy Anniversary celebration. Whatever the occasion, our BBQ packs are packed with flavor, ready to be grilled to perfection. Don't worry--our flavor and tenderness fills in if the condiments run out.

BBQ Pack - Large

This package includes 4 New York steak, 4 Top Sirloin steak, 2 London Broil, 5 Short Ribs, and 10 lbs. of ground beef.

Weight: 40.42 lbs

BBQ Pack - Medium

This package includes 2 Top Sirloin steaks, 2 New York steaks, 5 Short Ribs, and 5 lbs. of ground beef.

Weight: 22.19 lbs

BBQ Pack - Small

This package includes 3 short ribs, 2 New York Steak, and 3 lbs. of ground beef.

Weight: 12.59 lbs